100 Years of British Military Watches – Part 3

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Show off your rugged side with a cwc military watch. These military watches are generally available with stainless steel designs and are made with helpful 3-hand analogue displays, so you can keep track of the time down to the exact second. Hook and loop band wristwatches have flexible bands for additional comfort. Both durable and versatile, they are designed for anyone with a more sporty lifestyle. The bands are hypoallergenic, so they will be a great fit for those with allergies to certain metals.

SOLD 1984 CWC G10 issued military watch in semi fat case

Diving watch history is inextricably intertwined with military diving. Timepieces designed for the underwater frontiers of warfare have, since the s, driven innovation among Swiss watchmakers, and led to iconic designs now popular among collectors. While not as high-speed as the operators for which the watch was designed, I am a commercial diver and can at least put the watch through its underwater paces.

Starting in the late s, powerhouses of Swiss watchmaking like Rolex and Omega produced special versions of their iconic diving watches for use by military divers and amphibious special operations forces.

CWC T20 NO-date Quartz. $ Apr 20, 20 pm. by William. Cabot Watch Co (CWC) W10 British Military Watch SERVICED! $ Apr 19, 20 9:​34am.

CWC Alternatives:. What is clear is that bit by bit CWC is heading down the same road as Rolex and IWC in the past when they were just too costly for the military to procure due to increasingly tight budgetary restraints and effectively became commercial brands with a military heritage. In summary I have always found that CWC are fine and I have several in my collection although the models are rather dated in many ways maybe due to the conservative requirements laid down by the British MOD although these seem less rigid in recent years.

This conservatism shows in the fact that the UK still use Perspex in most of their G10 models where other countries have moved to glass for improved durability. In addition the UK forces have not opted for Self Luminous technology which employs vials of active tritium gas. Interestingly CWC claim on their site that Perspex is a requirement in the G10 Specification which is baffling when the Pulsar G10 General Service wristwatch issued to British forces following the request for tenders used glass just like the current MWC.

One thing with CWC is they are also critical of many of the suppliers who resell surplus watches which at the end of the day is the only way many people can afford to buy the watch. Dimensions: Width 40mm, Thickness 13mm, Lug to Lug 46mm. Content copyright -. All rights reserved.

Time Spec: Military Watch Markings – Deciphering the Code

Military Watches. These watches are very similar to the GSTP watches issued to the British Army see examples below except that they lack luminescent paint on their dials and hands. Accounts suggest that such watches were more practical than wristwatches as they could be laid on the maps and charts from which the airmen were working and be more easily read at a glance. Breitling SuperOcean : The SuperOcean was developed in the ‘s for professional and military divers.

Originally water-resistant to a depth of metres, these latest models can withstand the pressure at depths of up to metres and feature an escape valve which allows helium built up after long stays at depth to be evacuated from the watch case which would otherwise explode when returning to the surface. Bulova Accutron Astronaut : Introduced in the early 60’s, the Bulova Accutron was the world’s first electronic wristwatch.

Luxury CWC watches index Sale date: 22/05/ Country CWC. A stainless steel manual wind military chronograph watch issued for the Navy. Minimise.

Cabot Watch Company, though perhaps not a household name, has a storied place in the annals of military watches. When Hamilton decided that military contracts were no longer lucrative enough to warrant taking them, Mellor struck out on his own, taking the name of explorer John Cabot for his new company. In , Mellor sold the company to Silvermans Ltd , a famed London-based supplier of military kit and surplus established in Also, many CWC watches are still in service, and the company continues to produce watches for the civilian market.

This stopwatch from the s is a military timer that also saw service in television production, having been used in the cutting room for timing news features. It was used by the BBC and ITV, the two main news channels in the UK, which purchased several hundred units over the years and evidently still use them to time second and minute segments.

Three fat boys: A triptych of British Army-issued CWC G10 military watches

This is a Semi Fat case. From the serial number on the case back we can accurately date this watch to being issued in They famously took the contract for divers watches for the Royal Navy from Rolex. Some military watch collectors like the watches to look as if they have been in the wars, but this is in too nice condition for them. The hands look original, judging by the way the lume has aged tritium lume on these, hence the T in a circle on the dial.

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Swisstec is the official CWC service centre. Our trained watchmakers can undertake work on all quartz and mechanical CWC models. We provide a comprehensive range of maintenance options for your CWC watch from a simple battery service to a complete service on a mechanical chronograph. All CWC watches which are serviced by Swisstec are returned with a twenty-four month warranty and partial repairs with a twelve month warranty.

This work is carried out by our fully trained polishing team using our state of the art polishing department. It is recommended by CWC that their quartz watches receive a battery service every couple of years and all watches receive a complete service every 5 years. However, if the watch is a diving or water resistant model and used in water they also recommend the water resistance of the watch is tested on an annual basis.

We will rectify any defects arising from any service provided by us provided you report such defects to us as soon as reasonably possible.

In-Depth: CWC G10 – Affordable Military Watch

Remember Me? Results 1 to 7 of 7. How genuine is this CWC G10 with date? However, the caseback markings do not match my other watches and there is no crows foot. Is it the real deal or something else? So the watch has been changed at some point.

10 x Genuine British Army CWC quartz wrist watches which are suitable for Royal Marines, Navy issue , CWC quartz wrist watch complete with date.

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These Vintage Military Watches Were Issued to British Forces

The company was named after the 15th-century explorer John Cabot who was most famous for the discovery of the coast of North America under the commission of King Henry the 7th in The CWC G10 began its service in , with the final pieces being issued around and a total of over , G10 watches issued during this period. Also, G10s have been available to the public since where Mellor sold a majority share of CWC to military gear supplier Silvermans.

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Waterproof please note under no circumstances should any vintage timepiece be regarded as waterproof regardless of the manufacturing specification at the time of manufacture. Precision Please note that some of the pieces we handle are over years old and do not perform like some modern watches. Part of the attraction is the requirement to hand wind many of these time pieces on a regular basis. Servicing, just like a vintage motor car a mechanical watch will require regular maintenance our suggestion would be once every few years should suffice but please feel free to contact us with any specific queries relating to an individual piece.

SK12 1LA. Gaurantee, all products are guaranteed for a period of 90 days for mechanical defect. This guarantee does not cover misuse or neglect and is invalid if the case back has been opened in any way. My shopping basket Your basket is currently empty. Continue Shopping. Hit space bar to expand submenu Buy. Waterproof please note under no circumstances should any vintage timepiece be regarded as waterproof regardless of the manufacturing specification at the time of manufacture 2.

SK12 1LA 5.


For the first time in a quarter of a millennium, a British military issued watch was not powered by a mechanical wind up movement, but an entirely new electronic movement commonly known as Quartz. Quartz movements offered a quantum leap in accuracy, being accurate to less than a second a day e. Instead of using a balance wheel spring as an oscillator, to measure out portions of time, running at about 5 Hertz beats per hour , quartz watches use an electronically operated quartz crystal running at kilo Hertz.

They are also much cheaper and easier to make than mechanical movements.

on the caseback; British CWC G10 – Serial number second row from Most dates stamped on military watches are the date that the issuing.

Talking Watches With Todd Levin. Of course, at the top of the heap sits the legendary MilSub, the Rolex Submariner that was issued to British Royal Navy divers in the s and ’70s. These sought-after watches regularly sell for six-figure sums, with a minefield of intimidating nuances and variations through which to wade. In fact, it was founded in by a businessman who saw an opportunity. In the early s, the British Ministry of Defence sourced watches from a number of brands.

After leaving Hamilton, Mellor was visiting Bristol in the southwest of England, when a name came to him. Photo: courtesy Ray Mellor. They were all made in Switzerland, with workmanlike ETA or Valjoux movements and unadorned steel cases with fixed strap bars. The Royal Navy had a long history with Rolex, dating back to the s, and even worked with Omega for a while in the ’60s. But by the late ’70s, perhaps the higher price of the Submariner made the MOD look elsewhere and, given its good relationship with CWC, the Ministry came calling in CWC responded with a tough automatic dive watch of its own, built to the specifications of the MOD DEF STAN [Part 1] Issue 3, for those keeping score , which included a rotating bezel with a fully hashed Bakelite insert, sword hands and a boldly marked dial swathed in tritium lume, a 32mm mineral glass crystal, and fixed strap bars for use with pull-through nylon straps.

Inside ticked the sturdy automatic ETA In fact, the mechanical version of the Royal Navy diver was only supplied to the MOD in and with some possibly trickling into ’82 , making its run extremely short.

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