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Artificial Insemination

AI Technology and Management

TOPIGS AI technology and management services allow you to increase the farrowing rates and number of piglets by improving the quality and efficiency of semen production and use. TOPIGS has acquired considerable knowledge and expertise in the field of AI. Every year over 6 million doses of semen are produced by TOPIGS and its affiliated companies. We have over 40 years of experience in AI and we are a global trendsetter in research and development.

TOPIGS AI management is:

  • expertise through visiting AI specialists who help to realise a safe and efficient semen production and distribution
  • Solusem diluent, an exclusively produced pharmaceutical extender for the best farrowing rates and maximum number of live-born piglets
  • access to the latest insights and developments in AI technology and research
  • support in areas such as boar management, laboratory layouts, quality controls, setting up logistic systems, and calibration services
  • boar stud management software
  • software for optimising insemination timing
  • employee training
  • AI supplies and laboratory equipment