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On the territory of Russia TOPIGS International is represented by its daughter company TOPIGS CIS. TOPIGS CIS is situated in Belgorod.


  • Production and marketing of the animals with high genetic potential that meet the latest requirements of Russian market of production and processing of pork.
  • Constant improving of genetic potential of the animals and as a result high quality of the end product

TOPIGS CIS is a dynamically developing company - supplier of the genetic material in pig breeding in Russia and Eastern Europe countries. Working together with franchisees in different regions of Russia, company supplies customers with the animals of high genetic level and of good quality. Thus, TOPIGS CIS is a partner that can supply you with the base of successful production.

Network in Russia

At the moment, in Russia, the network consists of :

  • Pselskoye (nucleus, SPF farm, Kyrskaya oblast', RF): 1 300 productive sows. Production of grandparental and parental gilts and terminal sires TEMPO and TYBOR. Organization of breeding work is supervised by TOPIGS CIS.
  • Kamsky Bekon (republic of Tatarstan, RF): 4 500 sow heads. Production of parental gilts. Besides the production of animals Kamsky Bekon has also its training center. 
  • AgroFirma Luybimovskaya (Kyrskaya oblast', RF): 3 500 sows. Production of parental gilts.

In total these breeding farms produce replacement gilts for more than 130.000 productive sows. Both nucleus and franchisees receive regularly new breeding boars from Europe, and thus they have access to the latest improvements of genetics on the highest level. TOPIGS CIS is capable of populating farm of 5 000 productive sows from 1 farm of origin, both from Russia and Europe.

TOPIGS is participating in Knowledge Transfer Project in Russia. The project is a Dutch-Russian knowledge transfer project and training program in the dairy and pig production sectors. The goal is to develop a sustainable network of Russian and Dutch Institutes and companies.
For the implementation of the project, a large but well-balanced group of specialised companies and organisations, are united into a consortium. The consortium covers all relevant aspects of the project and is committed to achieve the results of the project. TOPIGS became a partner of this project among the first ones. More information you can find on the web-site of LEC www.lecrusland.com

TOPIGS CIS is a full-right member of the Union of Russian Pork Producers "Rossvinoprom".

On the 25th of June 2009 by the order of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation No 242 TOPIGS CIS, LLC obtained the status of the breeding reproduction farm for Large White breed. This makes TOPIGS a company that has now a well settled position in the market making it possible to meet the demands of the Russian market for the certified replacement stock.

TOPIGS CIS, LLC being a part of the large worldwide pig genetics company TOPIGS International is the first international pig genetics company in Russia that has ever obtained such a status.

By the report № 88 of Board Meeting of noncommercial organization "National Association of suppliers, manufacturers and consumers of meat and meat products" from September, 01st, 2011  "TOPIGS CIS", LLC is included into the members of Association.

In September, 29th,2011 by the resolution of Board of Directors of "National Union of Swinebreeders" TOPIGS CIS is included into the associated members of the Union.

At the moment TOPIGS genetics is represented in the following regions of Russia: Belgorod region, Kursk region, Kirov region, Republic of Kalmykia, Sverdlovsk region, Tomsk region, Republic of Tatarstan, Rostov region, Novgorod region, Krasnodar Territory, Republic of Komi, Krasnoyarsk region, Republic of Mordovia, Astrakhan region, Murmansk region, Primorskiy Territory.