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TOPIGS Activity

TOPIGS has developed a balanced breeding program. Our starting point in breeding is the animal. The TOPIGS pig must remain robust and easy to handle; it must maintain balance while the improvement of a trait must not lead to disadvantages in the pig's other traits. An example of balanced breeding is our focus on piglet vitality. In breeding vital piglets, piglet mortality has not increased even though the number of live-born piglets per litter has increased strongly over the past few years.

Balanced breeding

TOPIGS is continuously looking for new technologies to improve its selection. On the basis of new research, TOPIGS applies new selection methods in its breeding programs. New developments in the program are:

Vitality/survival rate: Selection of these traits has already led to more weaned piglets with less mortality.
Uterus effect: Development of unborn piglets in the uterus plays a big role in the results in farrowing, weaning and fattening.
Behavior: both good mothering abilities and good social group behavior lead to better results.

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