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Core Values


 The absolute top in pig genetics

 The genetic progress of the TOPIGS pig is powered by an intensive research and development program. Researchers are continuously working on improved breeding techniques, AI and the development of new genetic products. All of this research is conducted in partnership with leading universities and research institutes around the world. TOPIGS studies the genes that are important for pork quality characteristics, ranging from meat color and drip loss to loin yield.

TOPIGS has two approaches for improving the genetic value of its animals: firstly, through traditional breeding techniques and, secondly, by developing and implementing new breeding techniques such as genomics. The second approach also includes searching for new traits for selection. These new breeding techniques accelerate the genetic progress. Examples of new traits implemented in the breeding goals are mothering abilities, sow longevity, vitality, and carcass and meat quality. Traits such as reducing post-slaughter, quality-lowering aspects will be also part of the breeding goal.

All TOPIGS breeding value calculations are performed with the help of Pigbase, the largest most sophisticated database of its kind in the world. Pigbase contains current data from more than 250,000 sows in production and their progeny. It also contains historical data from more than 23 million sows. The data stored in Pigbase covers the entire production chain, making it a powerful monitoring instrument. 


 Acting in the best interest of all our stakeholders

 TOPIGS believes in sustainability. This means that TOPIGS animals are robust and produce robust progeny. TOPIGS takes the biology of the pig into account. We define this as “balanced breeding”, an advanced and sophisticated approach to breeding that results in a pig capable of healthy and efficient high-level production under a wide range of farm conditions.

Piglet survival is a good example of balanced breeding. Besides successful breeding for big litters, TOPIGS also breeds for vital pigs and mothering abilities. This pays off! In recent years the litter size has grown substantially without an associated increase in preweaning mortality. Not only does this make piglet production more efficient, but it also lowers labor costs and veterinarian costs, and contributes to improved animal welfare and a more sustainable pig production.

TOPIGS works according to the Efabar code of conduct. This European code of conduct contains rules about sustainability. By adhering to the code, TOPIGS demonstrates its commitment to the issue of sustainability and ensures that issues such as food safety, the environment, genetic diversity, animal health and animal welfare are taken into account during its pig-breeding programs. The code also includes a section about ethics and transparency and TOPIGS compliance with this underscores its accountability to the public and to our planet.


Producers benefit from our global presence

Pig and pork producers now operate in a global market. TOPIGS is active throughout the world and present in all major pig-producing countries. Our companies and distributors around the world form an intensive international network that gathers and distributes knowledge and experiences. This ensures that TOPIGS has access to the latest technology and knows about the most recent global developments. Our specialists use this international knowledge database to find the best genetic options for individual producers.

Thanks to its global network, TOPIGS can find innovative solutions to producer’ s requirements and the needs of their markets. The TOPIGS network is a state-of-the-art, up-to-date source of knowledge about the latest developments in the field of genetics, artificial insemination and related topics. 


Solving problems, maximizing added value

TOPIGS is more than genetics and AI; it is genetics combined with service and knowledge. A team of specialists supports users of TOPIGS genetics in the areas of breeding, nutrition, health, and carcass quality. These specialists have a superb scientific and commercial knowledge of these disciplines. With this service, TOPIGS clients gain the maximum benefit from the genetics and this forms a sound basis for a successful operation with maximized added value.

The broad range of expertise and knowledge makes TOPIGS a valued partner for all operators in the pork production chain. By developing relationships with producers, integrators, processors, universities, research institutes and others in the pig industry, TOPIGS is able to create a partnership that generates benefits for all involved.

For every specific production environment and market, TOPIGS can provide the best genetic solution. As one of the biggest suppliers of genetics worldwide, TOPIGS offers high-potential genetics from a broad range of purebred sow and sire lines. Consequently TOPIGS can provide tailor-made solutions that perfectly match a producer’s genetic and demand requirements. For example, throughout the world, TOPIGS has established several nucleus farms that comply with the most stringent SPF standards and that supply genetics according to the required health status. 


Building solid relations based on mutual trust

As a partner for your pig production we work on establishing a solid long-term relationship. Clients and other partners can rely on us not just today, but in the future as well. By creating long-term relationships we get to know the companies we work for and develop a basis for mutual trust. Then we can work together on improving the genetic basis for effective modern pig production.

This approach makes TOPIGS an ideal partner for integrators and meat processors. Why? Because TOPIGS provides a complete expertise package over and above the best porcine genetics available. TOPIGS offers top-shelf genetics, artificial insemination knowledge and expertise, excellent and to-the-point service and even monitoring and evaluation of your production process. You can put together the right combination of TOPIGS expertise for your situation. And by doing this you create a perfect partner for integrated production enterprises.

The complete TOPIGS package guarantees a solid foundation for your current and future production because TOPIGS is progress in pigs. Our objective is genetic improvement at your operation; the basis for successful pig production.


Health is of the highest priority for TOPIGS. The unmatched health status of the TOPIGS production units permits genetics to be distributed with minimal risk both within the country and internationally. Several TOPIGS nucleus farms around the world conform with the highest Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) standards. This allows for the exchange of genetics between TOPIGS herds worldwide ensuring continued genetic improvement for the customer.

Advantages of high health:

  •      Introduction of superior genetics in production systems can be done without the risk of contamination
  •      healthy rearing leads to optimal performance of breeding animals
  •      SPF production improves efficiency of feed conversion up to 15%
  •      high health fits the consumer requirements for meat produced in an integrated quality controlled system

Healthy production is a core value at TOPIGS. Regular veterinary visits to all TOPIGS sites as well as regular disease assessment, ensure the continued high health status of each unit. Biosecurity at each unit as well as during animal transport is scrutinized by TOPIGS personnel as well as associated veterinarians. Open communication with TOPIGS customers and their veterinarians allow for successful adaptation of TOPIGS stock to customer farms.


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