What is TOPIGS?

  • TOPIGS — is leader in Europe for the volume of sales of breeding animals;
  • TOPIGS — is selection carried out on the herd of 225 000 (G)GPS;
  • TOPIGS — is scientific-research centers;
  • TOPIGS — is 35 nucleuses in different countries;
  • TOPIGS — is 25 own AI stations;
  • TOPIGS — is developed franchise system all over the world;
  • TOPIGS — is research directed to creation of new genotypes with characteristics that fit to definite conditions of housing like robustness to different climates, different diseases etc.;
  • TOPIGS — is animals with high genetic potential;
  • TOPIGS — is health;
  • TOPIGS — is qualified specialists;
  • TOPIGS — is technical support;
  • TOPIGS — is economy / saving;
  • TOPIGS — is future.


Press releases TOPIGS:

01.10.11  —  TOPIGS invites you to the exhibition Golden Autumn

TOPIGS would like to invite you to visit our stand during the XIII Agroindustrial week Golden Autumn 2011, which is to be held in Moscow on the territory of All-Russian Exhibition Centre from the 13th till 16th of October

23.09.11  —  Delivery of boars and gilts to Primorski Krai

In September 2011, TOPIGS CIS has organized the delivery of gilts and boars to the farm "Merci Trade" situated in Primorski Krai from the company nucleus, located in Kursk region

05.04.11  —  A Seminar was organised in the Netherlands for Russian clients

Technical specialists from large pig complexes in Russia visited the seminar organised by TOPIGS International in the Netherlands at the end of March, 2011

06.12.10  —  The company held two workshops

TOPIGS CIS has organised two seminars on the 30th of November and on the 3 rd of December 2010 in Kursk and Kazan

02.12.10  —  Party Supply boars in Murmansk

On the 1 st of December 2010, a batch of TEMPO  boars was loaded from the breeding farm of TOPIGS in Kursk region to the company "Prigorodnyi" in the region of Murmansk